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It seemed to be a day when I had managed to upset everyone, mainly through my insistence on following my spiritual path.

The air felt full of crackles and many energetic arrows were fired into my etheric.

I walked out of the house distressed and in despair.

The first person I met on the road, a man whom I had never seen before and who was a complete stranger, looked at me and out of nowhere said ‘You are lovely you are and so is your dog’.

I was taken aback and barely muttered a ‘thank you’, but his ten words restored me and I thought how lovely it was of him to have said them.

I thought again of harsh words that I see turn into arrows in the air and experience as wounds.     “dear universe please assist me in operating at a high level of respect”.

Here is a message from CB for today: “If you look for beauty you will find it. Remember the power of each of your words and do not descend into negativity. Stand your ground”.

Wishing you a powerful and beautiful positive day. x

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