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More about the great shift……..

Previously I have mentioned that I have often channelled the message that “The material becomes the spiritual, the spiritual becomes the material”,

I think that CB is saying that we are moving towards the divine. Its about integration and the harmonisation of the masculine and feminine and beginning to live in a state of grace.

I don’t know about you but I am finding that this  transition is not easy,  things are becoming more intense and that I have less tolerance. I am moving away from any situation that feels inauthentic, from anywhere that I might not be appreciated or that I may be hurt. I only wish to be in situations where I am absolutely honoured and respected and am undertaking my life’s work. This has meant some upheaveal and change and letting go of people which I find difficult as I am fairly constant and loyal, to the extent that I can become stuck. Within the discomfort I am also having glimpses of great joy and freedom.

I am also finding that I am ‘tidying up’, sorting my admin, filing various papers that need to be filed. I am spending time clearing and processing myself. I keep thinking that I have reached the end only then to find another layer that needs to go. Each time I strip away a layer I find that I have more love, awe and respect for every human being that I come into contact with and I am connecting on a far deeper level.  I cannot but see everyone as a miracle.

Best of all I have been into Watkins for another two weeks and during this time the curtains have NOT fallen down, another blessing for which I am truly grateful. Basically these are gauze curtains attached to a pole and each time I went near them they collapsed. On the one hand it was funny-not allowed to have ego etc-on the other I have been mortified. I have had to keep telling myself Wendy, you are bigger than pulled down curtains!

Dear Reader I hope that you realise that you are a miracle and important in supporting the great shift- and that you are more than any setback that you may be facing as everything moves and settles around us. Hopefully all the curtains remain intact in your house!

I will finish with the following message from CB:

“Have patience with and appreciate yourself……..We are in a time of great change. Have courage as your awareness and consciousness changes. Avoid all thoughts of scarcity and negativity. Look for the good.  Know that you are held. All will be well”.

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