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Quest and a story of manifestation


I am going to be at Quest for the next few days,  Hall 1, stand 24 – so please call by if you would like a reading or some theta healing.

Here is an episode of manifestation that amused me:   I sat with a friend and together we wrote  list of wants. We were half serious and half playing.  My list  included a pearl necklace and a pair of silver candlesticks.  What happened was that within one day I was given a pair of pearl ear rings! (The most speedy of deliveries thanks to Joan x).  Must be doing something right, and I was reminded to be very careful with me intent!  How else might my wishes be mixed up?

Anyway, apparently, tomorrow, the 25th of July 2014 is a very powerful manifestation day because numerically it adds to 777 (2+5)+(7)+(20)+1+4). So I will go back to my drawing board and see if I can conjure as I wish next time.

Here is a reading from CB

‘Without doubt you are powerful, as well as manifesting for your own joy do not fail to assist others”.

Enjoy your day: Happy manifesting.

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