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scratches, blackberries and the sweetness of life.


Over the last few weeks I have been a bit alarmed. There have not been many stories for my Blog, nor unless working with a client, that many messages from CB. My projection was that I have been losing my touch and perhaps it was all over. Not so, I am relieved to say.  Today I realised that all that had happened was that I had allowed my self to become distracted. Over this summer I have had so much fun sitting and talking and catching up with my friends and sons and telling my stories in those arena’s, that I have neglected this Blog.    So here is a new story:

I went blackberrying today and have come back with colander full of sweet magic that possibly also contains a few maggots but what the hell, salt water will sort that.

In the process of gathering I was transported back to my childhood and suddenly felt that I was perhaps six again and that had to hurry home without dropping the berries (difficult) to give them to my mother for either jam or a pie.

Like a six year old I also had scratches on my arms and legs and had been stung a few times.   But I also had the berries and it felt that it was enough bounty to sustain me.

We are coming up to harvest now and Rosh Hashanah,  the Jewish New Year is about a month away. It is a time of reflection.  Looking at the blackberries it felt that my whole year has been a bit of a black berrying experience, there have been times in which I have been tangled up in brambles, difficult situations, realisations and insights, some of my own making, and others that I couldn’t help which have tripped me up and brought me to a halt and I have also been stung and scratched in this process.  I have also used salt water  in the form of  tears  to deal with some unwanted maggots.

But here I am at the end of the year a bit more untangled with some good sweet achievements that include a colander full of black berries. I know that the wounds will heal because they are untangled and that life becomes a bit sweeter each day that I delve inside and clear myself of negative emotions and find the courage to be in the world.

Here is a message from CB:

“Look for the sweetness that lies within all situations. Know that the earth wishes to nourish and hold you. Have courage as you go about your day and do not fear. Now is a time of harvest”

I hope that if you haven’t yet picked any black berries that you will find some and enjoy them. Happy hunting and good wishes for sweetness, clarity and magic in your life.

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