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Season’s Greetings…..


Here are some photos that I took of the sea; just so that I could wish you Seasonal greetings and also say that I hope that you are feeling Christmasea.….And that I hope that your ship comes in…….And I am sure that there are more plenty more puns of this ilk should you wish to join in!

Seriously  I sought the sea after a day reading in Watkins Books in Cecil Court, London(pictured below); which although one of my favourite places in the world  is intense. The sea air helped me to clear and re; energise after I have been giving readings.  And whilst there is so much businesses going on at the moment it was wonderful to have the sanctity of the space; the breath of it all of which led to my feeling realigned.


Working in both London and Devon I felt blessed to have been given the opportunity, within a week  to  admire  the Christmas tree and Chanukah in Trafalgar Square, each magnificent; but it was the tree pictured above on the coast road near to Strete, Devon holding the wind in its branches that touched me the most deeply. This tree felt as though it embodied and held spirit; there it stood withholding all and embracing all. Please G-D by me! I aspire to be as strong.

Here is an Angel reading for today; “the energy of this holiday relates to being as well as to doing. In being there lies the joy; the riches within; by making manifest the divine, within doing also lies joy; ensure the balance”.

Wishing you dear Reader all, all joy; all love; abundance and blessings as well as many silly jokes and much laughter; life is a beach!!! (Sorry!). xxxx

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