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Sharpness of shadows; Sweetness of Life

Here, once again, is the Patterdale whose name is Flo. She is hard to photograph because she will not stay still.

In this photo I am amused by her shadow which sharply defined, makes her look as if she has just crept out of a story book.

September feels to me like a time of sharp clarity and busi-ness; things seem almost frenzied. I am surrounded by wasps craving the last mouthful of sweetness; swallows and house martins preparing to depart. Many blackberries and spiders making themselves known.

And for myself as I look around there seems to be so much to do that I am almost overwhelmed. The solution? Lists. And a decision to also grab the last moments of sweetness; On the micro level I am going to make blackberry jam. At the macro level I know that if I can bring myself to stay calm enough & focused then the path ahead reveals its self and is very clear. To know where I am going is a great comfort.

Here is an angel reading for the day:

“Remember that your right is that of safely and joy, that within the confusion, the disintegration and unravelling new paths are formed. It may be necessary to stay still in order to observe their form. It may feel that they are hidden. Be assured that the way ahead will be revealed. Stand strong on the ground. Access you strength. Understand your self to be both beloved and blessed”. 

I wish you dear reader clarity and joy on your path.Have a wonderful day.

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