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Talented Friends and Colleagues are Blessings

During the ‘twelve days of the christmas’  John Levine who produces alpha music sent  a meditation ‘written and spoken by one of our 12 most gifted visionaries, therapists, healers, authors and speakers’.   He was nice enough to include me as one of the twelve and I was immeasurably flattered. This link will take you through to his site and the download if you would like to hear it.

However the thing that for me was really lovely was how my family and friends supported in producing the  meditation -— by encouraging me (everyone) and by taking the photo below which is in fact the first photo that I have ever been able to bear of myself (Thank you Kathryn

So for a day or two  felt that I was living in a glass of fizzy champagne — supported and surrounded by the love of my family and friends and this morning  it feels as though I have encapsulated the glass of champagne and internalised it and am carrying it within me as a blessing and it’s a blessing that I find immeasurably nourishing.

Its worth trying it — the exercise is  to think of the people who you love and both send them appreciation for who they are and at the same time expand your awareness so that you receive back their appreciation of you. Try it! Its magic!

Here is CB Message for today:

” Stop focusing on your wounds and work,

You are much recovered and there is much to be done,

Although the world is comprised of divinity it needs to be supported by love and action,

Ensure that you focus your efforts and are productive and give to the world”.

Thank you CB – I will try to work more and dream less………………………….well at least I will keep the balance.xx

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