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Thank goodness for Earth Angels who appear by magic! 😇🙏🌺

Well: it maybe that you have noticed an absence of input into this blog. This was because I planned a new website. Which for some reason did not happen. All that happened was procrastination. Waking up in the night I realised that the obvious solution would be to turn this blog into a website. Which I will do. Watch this space.

It has been interesting to be without the blog. I realise how much the work gives to me. Without it I begin to wither. Not writing my blog, in effect is not giving. Not giving diminishes me, as I love to give.

The outcome? I felt that all of my work had no purpose. I  became despondent.

However during last week I had concrete evidence of how, even when I do not support my self through practising gratitude and being confident the universe will offer up support through Earth Angels. This most often happens when I decide in my head that I am not bringing enough to the world and that I should stop working as an Angel Channeller, Intuitive Coach,  Workshop Leader, Energy Healer and go and do  ‘something else‘. (I am not sure what else; but definitely ‘something else’).

I was at my work as an Angel Channeller in Watkins Books. After working here for 6 years or so my work has received little complaint. It is not unusual to receive emails that say ‘thank you very much’. However one day I had an intuitive haunch and asked my colleague; ‘Has anyone ever complained about my work?   She was very truthful and said ‘Well actually last week one of your clients came back and said that they would have preferred a Tarot Reading’.

Was I mature enough to receive this news with equanimity and not be a prima donna? After all this was just the view of one person.

Of course I wasn’t. The pain of the rejection swept through my body and I was filled with a lack of confidence. Perhaps I was just not good enough.

Back in Devon after a long walk with the Patterdale Whose Name is Flo much of which I spent in my head ungratefully pondering and bewailing my fate and wondering ‘should I give everything up’? I returned home to find that the internet had crashed. The message that repeatedly flashed up was a ‘fault on line” (The irony does not escape me) “Call BT for Support”. Which I did; and spoke at length with an engineer named Peter who was immeasurably patient whilst I unscrewed the powerpoint on the wall and in between the silences waiting for various signals to flash up asked me about my work. I explained what I did and also mentioned that I was questioning its worth.  He immediately gave me a lot of assurance. All of which I loved; The praise, the fact that his name was Peter(After all I am named Wendy), the fact that he worked for BT so providing evidence that the Spiritual is integrating into every day life. He knew Watkins Books.

And of course the perfect timing.  It took 20 minutes for connection (To Wifi) and to Spirit to be restored. He told me ‘You must not give up’.

However I had taken quite a hit. I am an empath and I have to wait for the pain to go out of my body.  Unfortunately I was not able to maintain momentum. Last Tuesday I was again sitting at the red table in Watkins Books, ready to carry out my work.  It was a quiet day for readings. Again I felt felled by doubt.

Lo and behold! An Earth Angel appeared at my side (If you are reading this you will know who you are)! A previous client she had stopped by to say ‘Thank You’.   She looked radiant and told me that the work had served her. She also said ‘Do Not Give Up’.

We are about to under go the total eclipse of the Blood Red Moon (this coming Friday 27th of July). Its the longest eclipse of the century. I am sure that this may have had something to do with my doubts which had surfaced for clearing. If you are experiencing any similar doubts then I wish you visits from angels; both ethereal and earthly.  Also I have gratitude for the people who were kind enough to encourage me. And here is an angel reading, from my personal angel Celestial Belle (CB) for your day:

“Stand steady because you are needed. The world tilts for many. The entrails come to the table. Stay still in the eye of the storm & be active as it is necessary. Place your fear to one side and take your place. You have enough strength. All is well. All will be well. Understand your self to be blessed.”

Wishing you dear Reader a joyous rest of day.

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