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The Cosmic Ordering Service-

Well I have just tried out cosmic ordering and I am pleased to say that it seems to work, I have had one of my requests answered in less than 24hours.

The process of cosmic ordering is to write a list to the universe clearly outlining ones hopes and desires – to then let go of attachment and hey presto-see what happens. The definitive book is The Cosmic Ordering Service by Barbel Mohr- and its very clear and easy to read.  Here are CB’s comments:

“Human’s may seem to have many complex desires and needs but in reality your wants are few and your needs simple. To give and receive love, to have ones gifts received by the world and talents brought into actuality, to have connection…….. In relation to cosmic ordering remember that the earth is your mother and wishes you to be happy and to give to you, be aware of the balance,  and the harmony when you make your requests but all is achievable. Of all the challenges that human’s face one of the biggest is to guard against negativity — cosmic ordering provides a powerful methodology to promote positivity and gratitude.   The simple act of request rather than demand allows energy to flow and remember also that angels delight in helping to manifest your desires….”

Have fun manifesting-let me know how you get on and I will include it in these pages, or (you never know) in my new book.

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