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😇The Divine Within & the Divine Without😇

The other day I visited the cafe of  the Foundling Museum (40 Brunswick Square, London WC1N 1AZ). The cafe wall lists many characters from fiction who were orphaned, adopted, or fostered. I love this wall (even although Paddington Bear is not mentioned). I hope that the photo above is clear enough for you to see some of the names; Hans Solo, Superman, Tom Riddle, Tom Sawyer, Fanny Price, Spiderman. What a great way to remove any stigma from being a foundling. And how tender a word ‘foundling’ is.

The Foundling Wall fascinated me for another reason. I have just written an article “The Art of Giving an Ethical Reading”. During the course of my research  I looked at the place that Divination holds (& has held in society).  The word Divination means  to obtain knowlege from supernatural forces, or from the use of intuition. I will post a link to that article when it is published, but it is pertinent to the Wall above because it inspired me to wonder how many people famous or otherwise;  fictional or non-fictional,  admit to using Divination to guiding or inform their decision making?

If you went today into Selfridges (the famous Department Store, London) in the Basement you would find a booth where the ‘Psychic Sisters‘ operate; However there is no mention of ‘Psychic Sisters’ on any of the signboards in the main hall, or indeed anywhere. You just have to know that they are there. Fascinating!  I of course am privileged to be able to work openly as an Intuitive Coach & Angel Channeller from Watkins Esoteric Bookshop, (Find me there on Tuesdays x) so I am very lucky. Not hidden!

When I first finished writing my book: ‘The Gift of An Angel – A Journey to Integrating Spirituality into Every day Life’,  I felt overwhelmed at the responsibility and potential stigma of being an Angel Channeller, lodging myself so firmly in the Metaphysical World. So I went to my local GP and said  “I work as an Angel Channeller, am I crazy?” My GP who I have known for years was so sweet to me. He replied  “No you are not crazy, in another era you would have been revered”. His words comforted me and (I am not putting my self in the same league) but it is true that Priestess of the Oracle of Delphi were without doubt revered and the most powerful women in the ancient Greek world.

So I have a few names to enter on a Wall of Divination: Sir Winston Churchill owned to using divination that on one occasion saved his life. Queen Elizabeth 1st used the services of John Dee who was a Welsh navigator and Angel Channeller.  The Three Wise Men: (Astrologers?); Abraham (Prevented by an Angel from Slaying Isaac), In the Bible Tobias was helped by the Angel Raphael (and a dog) to exorcise a demon, Jane Eyre (heard ‘a voice’ bidding her to return to  Mr Rochester), “Dick Whittington heard Church Bells say ‘Turn Again; Three times Lord Mayor of London’.

These examples are just from the top of my head. If you can think of any more, please would you let me know. Thanks

Here is an Angel Reading from ‘my’ personal Angel, Celestial Bell:

“Do not be afraid; the material & spiritual integrate, own & understand your own soul so that you can operate at a higher level. You know more than you can ever imagine. Trust.”

Wishing you dear Reader an Inspired and Wonderful Weekend.

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