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The Power of Laughter: Angel Reading Sunday 8th of December

Here is an angel  reading for today: I asked CB for insights into laughter and happiness, I hope that I have described the reply correctly – as there is more that I could quite capture. It seems that Laughter has the power of great healing and the task of restoring balance and reclaiming truth as well as promoting courage and that is the tip of the iceberg: I think that the exercise given is one that brings the vibration of joy into the world.

‘The universe wishes you to be happy- the earth wants you to laugh and have joy within all that you experience. Joy raises the vibration of the planet and eliminates the dark. Laugh, dance and shine but do not turn your back on those elements of the world that require repair.  Within the repair do not become so overwhelmed by need that you become static – one small deed carried out by many results in transformation, carrying out tasks in joy rather than obligation deepens the impact and assists the realignment.

Then there was more-

Effervescence is infectious, if you are able, jump up into the air and shout out ” I (Your name) am great!” If unable to jump, sing, ” I am great!”

Reflect upon the fact that you are a miracle and that Joy is your birthright’.

Wishing you a wondrous and joyous day. Xx

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