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The turn of the year & stitching on the shadow.

Now that the year has turned (towards longer nights) I have been introspective & thinking about the shadow, and of, all things, of the famous play & novel Peter Pan and Wendy. In my memory (& I hope that I have got this right) Peter Pan was unable to fly because he lost his shadow. Once it was found, Wendy Darling sewed it back on & he was able to fly again.

There I have been times when I have done energy work & brought some of my unconscious shadow to light and been horrified & mortified by what I saw. I find  it easier to extend kindness to other peoples shadow than my own. Recently I read Barbara Brennan new book Core Light Healing; this speaks about the golden shadow; our core selves. I suspect that each shadow aspect balances the other. Perhaps if we were entirely without a shadow we would be so ethereal that it would be hard to be on earth; to have an impact; maybe our shadows give us substance.

Acceptance of the shadow of those (humans & animals) in my most intimate circle has given opportunity for unconditional love. In the case of the late, lamented Lily the Patterdale Terrier; this dog had at times been so impossible that I despaired. Yet this was also the dog with the greatest capacity for love that I have known. I adored her.   I can apply the same criteria to human relationships;  a tenderness might arrive when a person trusts you enough to reveal their shadow (I do not mean abuse) and growth.

I hope that this Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year)   has brought me to a place of integrating, accepting, and having compassion for my own shadow.  A necessity. If I didn’t I would be  weighed down so much that I would not be able to work at my full potential (fly).

And as for the service that Wendy gave to Peter Pan? By sewing his shadow on? I have some good friends patient enough to do this for me and to them I am most grateful.

Here is an angel reading (from my personal angel Celestial Bell) for today:

Remember that you will always be lifted by the light. The shadow is in place to give balance. Once mastered your power & effectiveness will increase: within the pain there comes a blessing”.

With Good wishes and love to You, Dear Reader, for your week.


NB: The photo above is the view from the window of the House in Lunigiana where next June my friend and colleague Cilla Conway & myself will be facilitating our new course : “Silence, Openness & Presence”: The shadows play on the mountain throughout the day; every second different; every second beautiful. I have great expectations for this course and am very much looking forward to it. Certainly when I came back from Italy in the summer the Mountains had worked magic on me and I felt stronger. I hope that you may be drawn to join us. (Find out more here):

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