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The way out is the way in


Here is a photo of a rainbow that I waited for and hunted down in Southwold, after a big downpour of rain that was followed by the sun. It was an exceptionally clear winters day.  Like anything that is hunted down it (the rainbow) proved elusive and in this case incomplete.  But, despite its lack of perfection I still liked it.

This rainbow reminded me of a conversation that I recently had with my dog Lily! I told her that she has been the most troublesome dog that I have had and the most difficult, but either despite this or because of this I have loved her the most.  Do you also find that there are also people that fit into this same category?

On another day together with Cilla Conway another Watkins Reader, we looked  for a venue to hold our forthcoming course, ‘Channelling Angels and Devas’. This will be held in July 18th  2015.   

We went to the  October Gallery in Bloomsbury which felt just right, and that is where we hope to be.    If you have a chance to go now there is a very special installation in the exhibition hall. A tall pillar slowly rotating,  flashing in light,  the words, ‘THE WAY OUT, IS THE WAY IN, THE WAY IN, IS THE WAY OUT.

That made me stand still. How profound and how clever.     Comforting too, a the time of the full moon in February when the earth feels very still.   Here we are, however static we may or may not perceive ourselves to  be, moving towards change, quickly maybe or imperceptibly but change nonetheless:

Wishing you dear reader, a sacred and productive week.

With love Wendy x

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