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There is she said, such a thing, as addiction to regret:

I was at a talk at Waterstone’s. There was an author speaking about her book.   Unfortunately I have forgotten her name and although I have tried I cannot track it.

But she said something profound that gave me an AHA moment that I will not forget. She said:

“I believe that there is a possibility that we may become addicted to regret”.

This simple statement pulled me up short. How often am I told to look ahead to where I am going? How often instead do I look behind.     Can I have enough control to move beyond addiction to regret? I think so!! And I hope so.  Would it be so impossible for me to become ‘addicted’ to Joy? I think not!

Here is CB’s reading for today:

“Within all that you navigate recognise lovingkindness practiced towards oneself also enables lovingkindness to be directed towards others”

Indeed ! Wishing you joyousness light as we move towards the shortest day.

With love Wendy.x

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