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To do list for tomorrow 11th February….

Here is my channelled ‘to do list for tomorrow – 11 the February:

Look at the clouds for one minute and admire their beauty:

Look at your work for many minutes more-make sure that your labour is represented in the world.

Exercise compassion — do not advert your eyes from people begging on the streets-offer them substance because you and they are the same.

Be aware that there are no divisions and no separation, if one person in the world suffers from hunger, this injustice impacts upon you

However do not allow your empathetic awareness to lure you to impotency and depression-act and act for the greater good.

Listen well and help the realignment-ensure that you have patience and compassion.

Err on the side of generosity and know that the universe attends to your needs.

All is well.

I hope that you, dear reader have a good day and a productive week. xx

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