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Triumph; Free spirit………..

free spirit

This is a summer synchronicity to carry us to autumn;   I liked it because it was so poignant: This is what happened:

I was walking & musing; crossing The Bridge to Vire Island; which lies at the bottom of Totnes Town in Devon.  The musing came because I was thinking about bereavement. Whilst I know rationally that we are always in a state of flux and change;  I do not easily deal with the emotional wrench of loss. Sometimes the weight of that pain lies heavily upon me and I can’t shift it and lighten my spirits what ever I do; especially if those I love are in pain due to loss.  So on this day in late August I was walking with my eyes on the ground . When I came to the far end of the Island I finally came to a standstill. Looking up I found that I was standing at the edge of the land:  water was before me and  I realised that  written across the span of two boats there was a message; The ‘message’ read ‘Triumph’, ‘Free Spirit’.

The perfection of this sacred alignment cheered my spirits; It was a fortunate and uncontrived synchronicity that restored my faith.  I raised my head; I looked up at the sky. I thought of the soul weighing three ounces; I thought of freedom; I moved into joy.

Here is an angel reading for today:

“Within change there lies constancy; within surrender lies grace; Do not be downhearted; know that each step that you take moves you forward towards joy’.

Wishing you a free spirited; wonderful and triumphant autumn day. x

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