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Two beacons of angelic light that prevented overwhelm:😇

If outside of East Finchley tube station (London) banks have closed down and much to my sorrow there are more homeless people on the street than I remember in my lifetime; inside the station; as I came to the top of the steps I found a free Book Exchange: One small bookcase offering an opportunity to Leave a Book; Take a Book; as Simple as that.

Witnessing the kindness/service of a bookcase that was also a shrine with flowers and high vibrational energy lighted my heart, strengthening  my way.

Then in Devon in one of the local villages I saw the produce table above: Complete with an honesty box it was so perfect that if felt like an altar & I appreciated it very much.  And there was an opportunity to buy a last of the season’s gesture of a late bunch of sweet peas. They didn’t last long but I treasured them all the same.

With so much turmoil; winds raging; dispossessed people; suffering & politicians that I don’t necessarily like, recently I have felt silenced. And I am not sure that I am the only one; the glimpses of life that used to be shining on Facebook seem subdued. Yet I know that I must be strong; practice tikkun olam (repair of the world) & practice delight in the world. Not be silenced.  And show up. So here I am with an Angel Reading for today;

“Stay calm in the eye of the storm; do not retreat into fear & doubt; hold strength; maintain joy, without courage you will falter. Know that you are blessed & where possible share. Disempowerment will not serve”.

Wishing You an amazingly productive & blessed day & sending prayers & healing (as well as making a practical contribution somewhere) to our world that I pray is in the process of realignment to wholeness, peace & justice.

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