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V-Day, One Billion Rising & Rainbows.

This blog is dedicated to my mother Barbara Lillian Hicks with love and gratitude for her most enormous courage, resilience, kindness and generosity.   

On Valentine’s Day- February 14th 2013 ,  you may or may not know, there was a worldwide campaign against domestic violence. I wasn’t involved in the organising  and am not sure what went on elsewhere in the world but in Totnes there was a silent march from the Plains, dancing in the Civic Square and an evening Cabaret.  This was to fundraise for educational and healing initiatives against domestic violence, as well as contributing to the worldwide message that violence towards women is not acceptable.

There had been a lot of preparation beforehand with  many people attending lessons to learn a special dance for the day and an art workshop held to decorate the Civic Hall.

For me, taking part in this event was an enormous privilege and healed many wounds. I grew up in house with a violent father and know firsthand how hard it is to both live with and recover from domestic violence: I have had to do a great deal of work on myself, and receive continued and loving support,  to even begin to function ‘normally’. So I found myself standing in Totnes Civic Square in tears amongst the love and the singing and dancing and a great out pouring of heart energy. There was so much generosity,  good sense  and also authentic and genuine support from both men and women-not only for ourselves in the square but for sisters around the world.

I phoned  my mother during the dancing and left recorded the singing on to her answer phone- I knew that she would be thrilled to hear it.  Speaking with her later,  to thank her for her courage and for protecting me the best that she could and giving me all that she could and she said , “Well even now he denies it” (my father).   Later this comment made me think of how its not only violence that can be denied but that Spirituality can also be denied,  for example I have learn to be circumspect in relation to whom I tell that I am  an angel channeller and healer and I tend to keep quiet about being fairly psychic.

I don’t know about you but I have  also had a great deal of difficulty integrating spirituality, healing and angels into my ‘day job,’ in fact I didn’t manage to integrate it. It was incompatible-I had to  give up the day job.

So I think that what I am trying to say is that through V-Day in Totnes and the gifts that were brought there by the organiser’s, the singer’s and the comediennes I had a whole awakening, and a new understanding to the concept of respect and loving kindness.  I also had other insights, which I won’t write about here, but they were useful all the same, of the nature of abuse and I realised that whilst I would dearly like to be in a loving partnership with a man that I love,  I do not need to be validated by a man to be happy.  I  can be happy through my own self validation ( I can hear my friends saying ‘way to go-about time!’).

In this one evening(It was a busy evening!) I also recognised my right to be who I am, and of all of our right to be respected and freely access spirituality/divinity.   During the Cabaret (Thank You Holly, Rebecca Mayes, Katy [Mama Tokus) and Rooh Star especially and everyone else also) I asked CB (My Angel Celestial Bell) if she was also enjoying it. She was – I could feel my heart stretch and fill up with pleasure and light – and  I had a stretching of consciousness in reply and an answer:

“Every human has the right to live in peace and dignity. If all the mothers and all the women in the world are empowered and say no all violence will cease in all instances to all beings (including animals). Human’s are beginning to raise their consciousness through care with process, and through acknowledging the divine mother. Know that everyone involved in violence and abuse are victims. Exercise compassion and forgiveness-affirm your sisters. Love and appreciate them, love and appreciate yourself. Be assured of the shift. The more faith that you have the more the shift will be held”.

As usual spirit had the last word- I came away from the dancing to walk the dog who was furious at my neglect to find a rainbow stretching across the sky above my house.

I felt truly blessed to be alive and to be part of  the ‘great shift’.

Here is a photo of the Rainbow


Have a lovely and wondrous day tomorrow- know that you are a miracle and that you are loved- as you are!

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