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Watkin’s April 15th 10.30am – 6.30 pm

If you would like a reading from Watkin’s Bookshop in Charing Cross then I am back for one day next Tuesday. (Please phone to book – Watkin’s number is 0207 836 2182).

Here is an Angel Reading for today:

‘Stay strong, Stay in love. Do not misuse your power or relate to others from any place other than compassion and understanding. There is great change. The vibration of the Earth changes. As you allow change and accept Your power allow other’s the time that they need to meet you’. 

I hope that this is helpful. Meanwhile although it is strange to still be journeying and not find a base I am still enjoying the freedom that this offers.  I have strunk my house down to the size of a basement, just keeping and storing things of deep meaning.

It is an odd experience and whilst I am OK with it not everyone is.   To some friends I am in a place of foolhardiness and need, but I do not see it as such.    I was so stuck that I had to take drastic action and the call to London has been strong. I am building my life here very slowly,  brick by brick and have a clear picture of where I am going. To those friends who have given me practical help I am very grateful.     Increasingly I am finding a place of safety and exploration within myself.   Everyday I am finding magic within my life and a reason for joy and gratitude.  I wish that for You today. Magic in your day and a reason for joy and gratitude. Enjoy the blessings of the day. xx

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