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Well its out and here is an offer;



Well, perhaps you know that feeling, the one between procrastination and pure excitement; in yiddish it is called being v’clempt — that means having your heart so full that it feels it might burst.  So along comes the Gift of an Angel and now I have to help it find its place in the world; or perhaps it will find its own place. Who knows? All that I do know is that I have the deepest gratitude to Daunt Books in North London; Arcturus in Totnes ; and Watkins Books in the West End who are currently stocking it; so is Amazon where a kindle version is available.

Now I am hoping that the Gift of An Angel finds its way literally out into the world. If you are reading this and are drawn to buying a copy through your local bookstore (although Watkins Books my ‘Mother Ship’  has a mail order service; 0207 836 2182); then if you like send me your photo with the book. I will put the photo up on my new to be coming along shortly website and send you voucher for £15.00 to be used against a reading/ coaching session.

Its just some fun really, though I truly hope that the Gift of an Angel will indeed be a gift to the world; helping people to shine and have faith in their journey; A message from my personal angel CB “You have earned the right to be proud-it is indeed an achievement; now focus in order to ground yourself. Let go of the book — it has its own life”.   Well, we will see; please do send me a photo of yourself with the book if you would like to; I am hoping that it reaches as many countries as this blog (33).

Just to finish here is a photo of a road that I discovered when out and about. It describes exactly how I feel; so filled with wonder and amazement that I am between worlds. Wishing you a productive and joyous weekend. Wendy x


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