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“What you must remember is that these are hard times”, he said, “And many people a

The progression of the year allowed me to walk along the beach and pick the first handful of blackberries. This is an activity that I like very much. The Patterdale whose name is Flo, less so (it makes me too slow).

This time as well as blackberries on the beach there was debris, of all things, a discarded Moses basket. Which seemed so incongruous that it startled me. I wondered about the story behind it. And judged its presence which seemed sinister to me and marred the beauty of my day.

Close to this spot there was a father with his children; out to make camp and fish.  I remarked “How could this be?  Who would leave a moses basket on the Beach?”.

His reply; with firm kindness; “What you must remember is that these are hard times and many people are finding things difficult”. 

His response put me back into alignment, I shifted my focus away from myself and my judging to compassion.  What he had said was true. These are hard times. Beautiful and joyous, but also hard.   Somehow I have to stretch myself to be observant of both; beauty and difficulty,  not allow one to eclipse the other depending upon my mood.

This requires a growth in steadiness on my part; because when I keep my heart open; to observe difficulties; in nature; in fellow human beings;  and in myself,  it puts me into pain. There is then a danger that I will close my heart in order to avoid feeling.

After this conversation,  I realised that now more than ever I must keep my heart open.  I will diminish myself if I put myself first, focus on my own difficulties,  stop giving and do not offer assistance where there is hardship.  Within balance of course.

I asked  ‘my’ personal Angel Celestial Belle,for insight:

“Offer your service to the divine mother; all shifts; all evolves it can no longer be that the focus of the world is upon money. The shackles must be removed so that all can access the freedom which is their right. Keep your eyes open and assist where necessary. Do not be afraid that you become overwhelmed. Remember that there is joy to be had in giving. Understand your self to be blessed.”

I wish you dear reader, a wonderful day. 😇

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