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When Rainbows Hit The Sea: Clearly there is Magic in the Air.

Yesterday seemed to be a day of wonder and endless possibility. Firstly my youngest son (now 18) brought me a G & T (without being ID’ed). Observing him so strong in his shoes; & competent; my heart overflowed & it felt like a miracle.

Then later, drinking perhaps the last coffee of the season; from the Lime Coffee Company on the beach; I found myself surrounded by rainbows.  When Rainbows hit the Sea undoubtedly something special is going to happen.  I am not sure what yet what it is going to be. But (good) change is in the air. I can feel its on its way. Watch this space!

Meantime if you have a chance to read it & feel drawn the article below is interesting:

Perhaps we contain Rainbows within us as well as star dust. I would not be surprised !

Here is a Rainbow / Angel Reading (from my personal Angel CB) for today:

“You (humans) begin to comprehend a fraction of your power. Pay attention; support the realignment/light; all changes. Remember that your birthright is that of Joy”.

With warm wishes to You Dear Reader; for your week ; may it be Joyous & may Rainbows light your way; Wendy xx.

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