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Angel to do list May 17th

  1. Finish off from yesterday-do not be over ambitious… well I found some apple blossom which smells of honey. Hurry and look at the blossom if you haven’t yet- it is fleeting and magical and has the power to transport you out of this world……

  2. I managed the prayers for the relief of human suffering. Interesting to tune into the energy of suffering. How evolved can we be if even one person dies each day from hunger or thirst? Do we have it in our power to change this? Are we able to irrigate deserts? Well yes? So why don’t we?

  3. Yesterday I was asked to be in my own space without cutting off. This is very hard. I am working on this as a discipline. I kept having to clean my own energy field and send back tags. Its amazing how often I ask people’s opinion when I have my own answers and then my issues become clouded in a mass of projections…….

  4. I remembered to hug my son and tell him that I love him. He is great he always comes back and says that he loves me. He is sophisticated enough to do this now – I remember when my presence caused him deep embarrassment.

  5. I think that is all the feedback that I have from yesterday. Its now late in the day ….lets see what CB has to say:

  6. listen to the world and tune into its vibration. Feel how connected everything is and yet distinct. There is no need for lack of any kind. The natural condition is one of abundance and this in not measured by money.

  7. Draw in pink  energy to expand your heart. Know that essentially you are love. Use this energy to govern your transactions.

  8. Stand in your power and realise your worth.

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