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Angel to do list Saturday 15th of May

Celestial Bell is a tall green art nouveau looking angel.

I came into contact with her when meditating

I was very surprised at her name but she told me that it is a very common name for angels. We call her CB for short

I found out that there is a sacred mountain called celestial bell and that celestial bells are used for clearing.  As a healer one of my specialities is clearing so that made sense.

CB  is feminine but doesn’t equal a woman – her energy is completely different.  When I channel her she raises my vibration and helps me in my healing.

She often whispers to me and gives messages- which can be startling but the information is  normally  practical and useful .

Recently when I write my own to do list at the beginning of the day I have asked her for hers.

An angel to do list has different priorities…

She is less concerned with money and day to day survival than I am.

More concerned with divinity and universal love.

Has little concept of time

When I ask her about time she tends to get it wrong- might be out by a year or so. But her readings are comforting and inspirational.

This is what she is asking me to do today, Saturday 15th of May.

  1. Raise your vibration and operate from a place of love.

  2. Realise that some people in your country are in a place of fear – particularly in local government because they worry that there is about to be change.

  3. Know that there will be change but fundamental human concerns and delights  will not change because they never do.

  4. Ensure that your words today do not give power to scarcity

  5. operate only at the level of abundance

  6. sing of the beauty in the world

  7. look at the sky for a while and marvel at infinity

  8. hug your children

  9. use heart energy where needed in your day to day transactions to give comfort

  10. take time to look at a piece of apple blossom and marvel at its beauty

  11. Take the time to savour and really appreciate each piece of food that you put in your mouth.

  12. compile a list of gratitude and sing it.

  13. spend 10 minutes in prayer for the relief of human suffering

  14. Don’t forget to ask me for help so that I can assist you in your day and make things easier for you.

  15. Sing of the beauty in the world.

  16. Know that you are loved and that everything is in divine order.

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