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Day 71/365 Gratitude List & Angel Blessing.

1. For a productive day in Watkins, with clients and my own work: ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

2. For a chance to process and integrate the tumultuous events of the last week. ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

3. Today I took some decisive action. ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

4. My day began with 2 notes one from a client, another from a friend thanking me for my work. Throughout the day my work is further affirmed by clients writing to say Thank You. Because I am feeling slightly battered, I especially appreciate appreciation. ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

5. For greater clarity, for compassion and for understanding: ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

6. I like the low key christmas atmosphere that prevails in Watkins. There is more talk of the winter solstice than of Xmas. It is lovely to feel at home. ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

7. Since last Tuesday I have had little access to the internet and even less capacity to post my lists. I have now caught up. This gratitude practise is the business in terms of promoting alignment.ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

8. For integration: ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

9. For Kindness and support, I have so much to be grateful for: ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

10. For Love:ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

And an Angel Reading for the day. "You will discover that your work increases and that your confidence grows. In terms of karma this reconciliation brings great healing and repair. The chance was nearly missed. Indeed you are fortunate".

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