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Gratitude List & Angel Blessing Day 68/365

1. Although I didn't get to go to the Nutcracker Ballet working dress rehearsal last Tuesday, Josh did. He told me that "The Nutcracker was exquisite". His pleasure gave me pleasure that lasts. ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

2. After so long estranged it is extremely strange to sleep the night under the roof of my mothers house. We are both making a big effort and being patient with one another. I know fully that these days are numbered. ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

3. There is a healing taking place. Although it is difficult we stay in the room. Sometimes my mother unpacks issues that I find difficult. I long to flee. Once I would have flounced out of the room and been long gone. For patience and for love: ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

4. For the ease of walking by the sea with Flo, without whom, walks do not feel complete. ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

5. I take my mother shopping. We go to Lidl. She now has a 'disability badge" that she flourishes with pride. For patience and for love: ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

6. My mother wishes to look after me, and cook me supper. For once we do not buy fish and chips, we keep to our diets! For patience and for love: ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

7. It is Friday the 13th. A lot to process in relation to the political situation. My mother and my sons spit fury. I listen to the energy. Now more than ever, I wish to uphold the principle that it is "not about the money, its about the divine". For life, for equality, for love: ThankYou; Thank You;Thank You.

8. Because I sat up most of the night watching the election results coming in, I am tired early. For shelter and for a bed. ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

9. For equanimity; ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

10. For the ability and opportunity to return:For patience and for love: ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

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