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Angel Reading 2nd December

There have been no posts for a while as I had managed to lose myself in dreams, illusions, despair whilst I had to find the courage to really be on my own and also work out which direction to take next.

All of the above has been achieved plus I have a new work website made by  a lovely friend angel on earth, so I can come back now.

This is what CB is saying today:

You have had much courage and may be proud. Know that all is not lost. Humans are entering a period of transition. Whilst there will be pain and sadness over perceived lack as the current system of money dies away you will move to a new time of greater depth. You will be able to know yourselves and connect. Scarcity and fear are misconceptions, try to go into the flow and notice the magic. The universe will respond to your needs.  Push past your fear,  you must be disciplined and focused. I will help you to meet your commitments. Look forward. Do not look back. Know that you are loved and channel the divine love which you access and everyone can access into your daily life. However no more dreaming- you must begin to serve in a concrete way. With love and blessings Celestial Bell.

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