Day 89/365 Gratitude List and Angel blessing.

1. I spent a day writing in this wonderful place (Arboretum). It has a living wall which you can see here. I wonder, if one day, whole cities may have living walls. For nature: Thank You Thank You, thank You.

2. Its wonderful when I can set a task and complete it. I must make sure that happens more often.Thank You Thank You, thank You.

3. London felt busy again, after the holidays: Thank You Thank You, thank You.

4. For interesting people to chat with, intrepid explorers, putting the world to rights. Thank You Thank You, thank You.

5. The phone intent on a life of its own sent the picture below to Josh. I am glad that the phone felt fit to bestow so much money upon him. However, its reward (The phone's) was to be wrapped up firmly in an envelope and posted away to be repaired. For the unexpected:Thank You Thank You, thank You.

6. For the chance to be in the Flow: Thank You Thank You, thank You.

7. At the moment, I am understanding so much about all that has happened throughout my life, that I feel as if I am unravelling and must hold fast. For strength: Thank You Thank You, thank You.

8. Walking around St Martins-in The Fields, many door ways are used by people who are sleeping rough, and tents are neatly arrayed along the streets. When did this happen to such an extent? So much unravelling. For support, for every one, and a roof over their heads:Thank You Thank You, thank You.

9. Now more than ever, without complacency, self satisfaction I have gratitude for the roof that is currently over my head, Josh and Zack. Thank You Thank You, thank You.

10. For my place in the world, a place that I am learning to like very much. Thank You Thank You, thank You.

And Angel Reading "It serves you to remember that, within the dance & within the spiral. You have a place. And You have the right to Joy. Know that You are Loved. Understand yourself to be blessed."


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