Day 92/365 Gratitude List and Angel Blessing.

1. Because my phone is away being repaired at this moment I am using Photo's from my collection. I love my memory of banks of primroses in Devon, and snowdrops too. Thank You Thank You Thank You.

2. Truly a mobile phone is a wonderful thing. I know that sometimes people express worry about the dangers of radiation but I love my mobile because a)It was a generous present from my son Zach, given with much grace. b) It gives me so much connectedness: with family, friends, clients, the bank, the news. c) It has a compass, alarm clock and camera. There is more to: I could go on all day! Thank You Thank You Thank You.

3. One of the things that I love most about my work is that it facilitates Clients who can change in front of my eyes: Thank You Thank You Thank You.

4. At the moment in my personal work I am gaining big insights that are helping me (I am praying) to alter entrenched patterns. None of this is arriving without pain, but its worth it. Thank You Thank You Thank You.

5. I finally made it back to the swimming pool: Thank You Thank You Thank You.

6. For a take out Buddha salad from Redemption (feels like a miracle to say : Please may I have a Budddha Salad! Thank You Thank You Thank You.

7. Working from The Arboretum people chat and smile. Its good to have company whilst I work:Thank You Thank You Thank You.

8. For love: Thank You Thank You Thank You.

9. I am loving the place that Coffee has in my daily life. Remembering the Wimpy Bars of my youth, with their formica tables and ash trays, I understand that these days I am visiting temples of delight. Thank You Thank You Thank You.

10. For the sum of everything, for being able to go forward, for all of the love and support that I receive each & every day. Deepest and most profound gratitude: Thank You Thank You Thank You.

Finally An Angel Blessing "It serves you to remember that truly, you are blessed".


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