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Everything has its time, everything has its season.

If you are a FB friend then you will be aware that my younger son Zach has just entered Uni. And that I wobbled. And felt selfish for so doing. After all he left for the best of reasons. It is The Way.

I understood this intellectually. But was still in need of comfort and guidance because I have very much enjoyed having my sons at home. It was clear that I needed to readjust. But somehow I was just stuck.

I met with a client, also a friend. And was bewailing my change in circumstance. She told me: "Its a big transition. Your energy needs to change".

I thought about her comment. I asked Celestial Belle (CB), the angel that I channel for guidance. I heard the word PEACE. This transported me back to my project management days. We used the acronym PEACE to inform the process of Project Management It was a reminder to Plan: Envisage:Act:Celebrate:Evaluate. I realised that within all the business and logistics of getting Zach to Uni we had all forgotten to formally celebrate.

With this realisation a weight fell away from my shoulders. This can easily be put right. A celebration will change the energy without a doubt.

And as for the space that I have now entered? Another good friend explained to me that this is not the space of an empty nest but the space of my second spring. She is right. My intention is to use it well.

And finally here is an insight from CB

"You are served by slowing down and allowing time for transition. Whilst everything is in flux systemic change requires deep attention. Know that love has a physical presence and that there is no separation. Understand that you are blessed. Go well on your way".

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