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For engagement: thank you.

It was watching the parliamentary debates on Brexit that brought me to tears. Specifically (besides the pro's and cons of the issue) the process. It looked as if BJ was, like Gulliver in Lilliput Land, deftly tied up. Within all of the drama, insults, I observed moments of grace, altruism and generosity.

My personal sorrow was invoked by seeing how everyone stuck it out and stuck at it. Although it was difficult and there was conflict they stayed in the room. Well, I suppose that being contained by the Houses of Parliament and the Speaker they had to. Ultimately out of the chaos order will arise.

All of this hit a raw nerve with me, due to personal experience. In my birth family there was much discord and we did not have the skill to ‘stay in the room’. If something occurred that we did not like then we would flounce out. Sometimes the ‘flouncing out’ would lead to an absence of years. The result of this was governance by fear. We kept quiet because we were afraid of saying something that might cause offence. Inevitably there were fallouts that led to no return.

Due to the cruelty of this experience I am a big fan of staying in a room and seeking resolution. I especially value those of my friends who stay with me when conflict arises. Friends and family with the capacity to forgive are my great treasure. To show my gratitude I make them sloe gin, blackberry and apple pies, whilst holding them in my heart forever.

And here is an Angel Message for today: "Great is the courage needed to remain present and not disengage in the face of cruelty, wilfulness and misunderstanding. The challenge is to engage and be strong from a place of love and holding. Know that you are blessed".

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