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Looking for the Source, angelic assistance and a small confirmation to help me on my way.

Photo by Zachary Erlick.

I am writing an article on a subject that is important to me. The Spiritual Journey. Then I became stuck for two weeks. The reason? I could not find the reference, or source to the validate the key concept. I looked here, and I looked there. I descended into despair. Without the reference the whole article would unravel. After obsessively hunting on Google, trying the patience of the staff in Watkins, looking through 100 books to no avail I did what I should have done in the first place. I appealed to both my Angel and also asked my son Zachary for his advice. Zach sent me to Reddit (a great resource by the way). I posted my query. Within 4 hours I had my an in-depth answer. Most kindly posted by Angelika. Life is good. I will let you know when the article is published x Meanwhile I wish you a great day with as many synchronicities and as much divine assistance as you need!

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