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On belonging.

I am just back from a weekend forest bathing at Glendalough (above) in Southern Ireland. I was a guest of The European Forest Therapy Institute

Whilst I was there, feeling both the emptiness and fullness of the woods stretch and sigh, it seemed to me that I heard the spirit of the land tell me, you (humans) belong to us. We do not belong to you. In fact the truth is, we belong to one another. Then I felt a deep laughter surround me, loving amusement at the absurdity of humans. And freedom.

Later sitting on the earth, I mused on the concept of belonging. How can it possibly be that so many multitudes of humans can have a sense of belonging? That we each have our own kingdom or realm. I decided that the answer lies in the concept of rat runs. And this concept is brilliantly complex and simple at the same time.

I love my own habitual rat runs. The places that I most like to walk. My friends, with their own idiosyncratic habits and the blessing that they give me by their presence, acceptance and receiving of mine. That first cup of coffee in the morning. Of course, the list goes on. Headed up by the people that I love. The truth is that even when I exasperate myself, I know myself to be rich indeed, because I now belong.

I would by lying if I said that I had my whole life felt that I belonged. In fact it is a recent phenomenon for me. At 59 years of age one day I just decided to accept myself and to try to be happy. With that decision, unexpectedly, as a bonus, came a sense of belonging.

I asked the Angel that I channel, Celestial Belle (CB) for her insight: This is her message: You are wise to experience belonging through the organ of the heart as well as the head. The glimpse that you obtain, of perfection, is a small indication of the interconnectivity that is your birthright.

Wishing You a wonderful and rich belonging day.

PS, I will be writing about Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy in depth for Kindred Spirit (Springtime article). In the meantime I will say that I very much liked the authentic approach of The European Forest Therapy Institute, and that the realigning, therapeutic affect of forest bathing is definitely to be recommended.

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