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"The entrails are on the table, stay still in the eye of the storm"

In a moment of whimsy, observing the processes around the concept of Brexit, I allowed myself the vision of a coalition parliament formed by Jo Swindon, Nicola Sturgeon and Leanne Wood. Then I discovered that Leanne Wood is no longer the Leader of Plaid Cymru. So that put paid to that plan (of mine!-wouldn't it be loverly!) Still I am hoping that as the entrails are out on the table, with the exposure of corruption and profound misuse of Power, it will be, as 'my' personal Angel CB tells me, a process of cleansing, healing and renewal. Rather than a consolidation and entrenchment of said misused power and corruption. Although, at times, I am so shocked to observe events as they unfold that I become almost paralysed, I am still remaining vigilant and observant. I trust and faith in the concept of the Great Turning and am doing my best to vanish visions of the orchestra playing on the Titanic from my mind. I have to maintain the cautious hope that order will eventually form out of the chaos. So I revisit my old books e.g Women on the Edge of Time, The 1976 classic by Marge Piercy, take Bach Flower Remedies (Star of Bethlehem, Gorse, Larch, Walnut and Pine) and find out how to join Xrebellion. I return to filling out funding applications for community groups. Where I can I have a laugh, and where I can be loving I am loving. And I try my best not to lose my temper (But don't always manage it!) And I continue to hope for, look for and expect miracles. And not for one moment do I think that I have the answer.

Here is a message from 'my' personal Angel CB "You are served by lending active support and not being overwhelmed. The entrails are on the table. The balance shifts. The masculine gives way to the feminine. There is integration. Be of stout mind and heart".

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