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For the sake of all, realignment is necessary.

In August 2019 I joined a Forest Therapy Practitioner's weekend. This was an assignment to write a review for Kindred Spirit. I loved both the Forest Therapy experience and the company running it (The European Forest Therapy Institute).The full review will be published in the next edition of KS. However something happened on that weekend, which had a huge impact upon me and turned my world upside down. It is only with the emergence of Covid 19 that I have any understanding of what happened. Ironically I now feel settled again.

The practise of Forest Bathing involves taking sequential exercises based around the five senses. One day we went to walk around the Lake at Glendalough. We were invited to look at the Forest (sight), feel it (touch), smell it, taste it (fruit tea) and listen. It was exploring the sense of hearing by listening that had the biggest impact upon me. I sat on a tree stump and  focused. It was not just the the rustling of the wind upon the leaves of the trees, or the shouts of children on the far side of the lake that I heard. I tuned into the Earth. I both heard and felt the words as a stretching  "You humans, you think that you know everything. That You are in charge. You are not. We are in charge. You know very little." The energy which accompanied the message was powerful. It was both stern and benevolent at the same time, containing the exasperation that I might feel for person in my life who might be difficult but none the less I loved very much.

I came back from Ireland and submitted the review. I touched a little upon what happened. And then I encountered a problem. From that moment on, from that walk in August I whenever I tuned in to see my future I was met with silence. I could not see anything lying ahead of me. The future was blank. It was as if I looked at an empty white screen. I wondered if this was caused by the stress of moving to London. And I complained to my sons "I do not know what is going to happen. I cannot see ahead of me". Because I have had a numinous experience I did not think that I was going to die. I am not afraid of death - I know that that is a leap into golden light and joy. I was completely puzzled because I could not understand the meaning of the silence, the blank screen.

The reason that I have hope and ironically feel settled again is that the emergence of Covid 19 has helped me to understand my vision.

Of course we are now living in an unprecedented situation. Whilst we knew that our impact upon the Earth meant that it desperately needed a sabbatical from humans, despite the pleas of many, collectively we were unable to grant it.

In the space of a week, in the UK our activity has been brought to a halt. Across the world we stop. Now there can be no argument that it is in everyones interests to make sure that the divine than resides in everyone is recognised and that everyone is treated decently. If one person has Covid 19 we are all at risk.

I realise now that in Ireland I had shortsightedly brought the message back to myself. I was given a glimpse of a world that is forced to stop. It was not about me. It was true foresight.

Now when I tune in to look ahead to my future I can once again see it in technicolour, sense activity, feel joy and hear laughter. Even glimpse my grandchildren who are not yet born. This gives me cause to have hope.

Here is a channelled Angel Message "It serves humans to be aware that the angelic world assists them in transition. For the sake of all, realignment is necessary. Soon the vibration raises and the world begins to sing again. It serves you to be without fear. The lesson is that of respect and cooperation. Know that You are loved. Understand your self to be blessed".

I hope that in sharing this experience, that your own journey into the transition is assisted. That You are able to view isolation as being on retreat and that any fears that arise through silence may be managed and integrated. That You you are aware of the divine that you personally hold within. That you are able to realise your own inner gold and walk your path. In Grace. 

Take Care, Be Well and Stay Safe.

Wendy Erlick

Angel Channeller,

Intuitive Coach. Energy Healer and Writer.

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